Mortgage Loans

Indemo allows you to quickly and easily invest in loans that we believe provide you with the best returns. We work closely with lending companies and financial institutions to bring these opportunities to you, the community.

Investing in Mortgage Loans

Investing in mortgage loans is one of the most popular ways for asset managers to generate their clients stable and healthy returns. Indemo makes it easy to get involved in the loan market and start building your portfolio right away. All of the products we offer are backed by bank type loans that have been issued in Spain, an EU member state.

Here how it works


Borrowers need loans to purchase properties. The lender needs help in financing these loans, so they make them available to us.

Indemo Platform

We bundle these loans to create Stacks of Notes, and make them available to you. You purchase these Notes in order to make your investment.


Your Notes allow you to diversify your investment, whilst receiving repayments and interest payments as the borrowers pay off their loans.

Advantages of Loan Investment Products


All loan products are backed by bank quality mortgages as collateral. These loans have been assessed and issued by professional lenders according to their credit policies.


Low credit risk compared to other investments, as the market value of the mortgaged property covers the loan twice.


Almost all of the loans are for secondary residences. This means easier enforcement and precise market valuations conducted by independent appraisers such as Tinsa and Idealista.


You’re entitled to delayed interest and proceeds from the enforced sale of the property in the event a borrower defaults on the loan.


All loans we offer originate from Spain, an EU and Eurozone Member State - a stable, predictable legal and political climate, meaning lower market volatility.