Investments for the people

Earn income through investments usually reserved for institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals.


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Average Annual Return*

Invest in EU secured loans

With an investment of just €10, you’ll be able to diversify across Spanish real estate objects - limiting exposure, and reducing portfolio volatility.

Mortgage Loan Investments

Interest — 10.0% per annum*

Investing in mortgage loans is one of the most popular ways to generate stable and healthy returns. Indemo makes it easy to get involved in the loan market and start building your portfolio right away. All of the products we offer are backed by bank type loans that have been issued in Spain, an EU member state.

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Discounted Debt Investments

Expected Return — 15.1% per annum**

DDIs are created out of loans in which the borrower has failed to make payments on. The loan products are sourced from Spanish banks, and offer you an opportunity to invest in them at the discounted rate. Once the attached real estate is sold for its market value, you can make a healthy profit.

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Investments with no fees attached

Unlock exclusive peer-to-peer loan opportunities and manage your money wisely.

Fully licensed and regulated in the EU

Fully licensed and regulated in the EU

All our investment products are compliant with EU laws and regulations.

Covered by Investor Compensation Scheme

Covered by Investor Compensation Scheme

Your cash and securities up to €20,000 are protected under the EU Investor Compensation Scheme.

Low LTV Ratio

Low LTV Ratio

Low loan-to-value ratio — mortgaged property market value covers the debt twice.

Never available before

Never available before

Product reserved only for institutional players and not available to retail investors before on P2P platforms.

8 years of track record

8 years of track record

Loans servicing company licensed and supervised by the Central Bank of Spain, having 8 years long track record and taking care of portfolio above of €65M.

Independent Valuation

Independent Valuation

Independent market valuation of the mortgaged properties by top appraisers, such as Tinsa and Idealista.

Full control of assets

Full control of assets

Security structure allowing Indemo to swiftly overtake control over mortgaged properties if servicing company defaults.

Predictable Legal System

Predictable Legal System

Effective and predictable legal and judicial system in Spain, being part of EU, Eurozone and OECD.

Exclusive features for investors

Visual notifications accompany all changes in the life cycle of Notes and their associated objects. Our system ensures that investors are promptly informed about significant events within their portfolio. To enhance convenience, events are categorized into groups, each assigned a unique color for easy identification.



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