🚨Indemo launches major new platform features including revamped portfolio page, and analytics dashboard!

🚨Indemo launches major new platform features including revamped portfolio page, and analytics dashboard!

🚨Indemo launches major new platform features including revamped portfolio page, and analytics dashboard!

One of the things we love most about the Indemo investor community is that you’re always sharing your feedback with us. As we aim to democratize investment for all, communication between the team and users of the platform is crucial in us getting things right.

With that in mind, we’re delighted to show off some exciting new features that you’ve all asked for, and that we know will make a huge impact on your experience on the platform. 

Let’s dive right in!

Analytics Dashboard

You told us you wanted a clearer and more accessible way to view analytics. Analytics are the nerve centre of your investment experience, so it was important for us to create a clean and simple area that displays key information about your investments whenever you need it.

The analytics dashboard will display KPI metrics of your portfolio such as:

  • Return on investment for the current portfolio return rate
  • Portfolio information, including size, return, profit/loss and more
  • Cashflow information that displays earning metrics
  • Key information on the ​​notes and assets that you hold

All of these analytics will help you see crucial investment information at a glance, all in one place. 

We believe that good investors pay close attention to the numbers, and we’ll continue to build on this dashboard over time, helping you make sense of your investments in simple, easy to understand ways!

With the recent news of the A26 and A81 Discounted Debt Investment repayments, those of you who invested can head to your analytics dashboard and check out your returns!

Portfolio Enhancements

We’ve heard your feedback and revamped the portfolio area, making some significant changes that we know will enhance your experience. 

In the assets and notes section, you’ll now find clear headers, displaying the portfolio’s weighted average and total metrics. This was important, as you should be able to access simple information like this quickly, and with minimal clicks.

We also moved the “sold” items from the assets area to a separate window, providing more clarity over the stage of your investments.

We know how often you visit your portfolio area, so it’s important for us to keep making improvements that are in line with the feedback you provide. 

Interface Enhancements
We’ve made a few quality of life improvements to the “Investing” interface of the platform, making it slicker and more logical, with easier access to information.

  • Total value of a portfolio will now be displayed on the main menu
  • We’ve changed the order of tabs in the detailed view of a note, moving important information like Flow and Objects to the front where you can access it easier
  • A scales icon has been added to the detailed view of a note, visually presenting the weight of each debt within the note
  • Additional information will now be available in the flow tab, including the date, the stage at which an object was sold, actual return, and total profit paid to all investors

Map Enhancements
The map on the platform that displays all the available real estate investments has been enhanced. It’s a very popular part of the platform, and you told us that you wanted a simple way to differentiate between objects you’ve invested in, and those you haven’t. 

Pins on the map will now display your exposure to notes within an object, making it easy to view your existing investments at a glance.

Again - a small but important improvement that helps you view important information without having to take unnecessary steps!

General Improvements

Along with the blockbuster features we’ve released, we’ve also been hard at work behind the scenes to improve the general stability and user experience of Indemo. Over the last few months, we’ve made 1000s of changes and improvements under the hood, increasing the speed and security of the platform (often tenfold!), improving compatibility with mobile devices, and much more.

Operating a platform with as many moving parts as Indemo is a big task, but we turn to our community regularly for inspiration on how to make it even better. 

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new features, so make your voice heard on our Telegram Channel, and let us know what you think. The platform is yours, not ours, so we want to make sure your suggestions always influence the direction we head in.

As we continue a long, hot summer of exciting announcements, head over to our latest blog post to hear the exciting news about the second wave of repayments received by investors on the A26 Mortgage Debt: Townhouse on Albitana

We hope you enjoy the rest of the Indemo Investor Festival, and in the meantime, head over to your Indemo account, try out the new features, and let us know what you think!

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