Indemo Investor Festival Opens with Second Repayment Cycle for Discounted Debts! 📢

Indemo Investor Festival Opens with Second Repayment Cycle for Discounted Debts! 📢

Indemo Investor Festival Opens with Second Repayment Cycle for Discounted Debts! 📢

The Indemo Investor Festival is in full swing, and in the spirit of celebration, we’ve got some awesome news for you all…

It’s repayment time!

We’re excited to announce the second wave of repayments for Discounted Debts. With total repayments of €164,000 across 34 Notes, this marks another incredible milestone for both the Indemo platform and our community of investors.

The second debt repayment has impacted almost half of our investor community, and the actual ROI for investors' portfolios has ranged between 17% and 112% per annum.

When we introduced Discounted Debts as products on the platform, we knew we were bringing something innovative to the table. Discounted debt investments had never been offered to retail investors before, so introducing them as a new asset class was a bold and disruptive move.

Now, with a second wave of repayments provided to investors in Q2 2024, we’re excited about what this means for our community, and the wider landscape of retail investment. From the beginning, our goal was to democratize this market, and offer ordinary people extraordinary investment opportunities that were previously only available to the mega-wealthy. Thanks to your support, we’re closer than ever to that goal!

About the A26 Debt: Townhouse on Albitana

All of the Discounted Debt Investments we offer on the Indemo platform are backed by residential properties in Spain.

The A26 mortgage debt from which repayments have been made is backed by a townhouse property located in the municipality of Colmenarejo, in the northeast of the province of Madrid. It’s a terraced house of 3 floors with a garden, and is located in the town centre. 

The debt was first listed on the Indemo platform in November 2023, with the Flow stage of “Auction Initiated”. Throughout its tenure on the platform, the debt underwent several Flow stage changes, eventually reaching the “Access to Estate” stage.

The debt was sold on the secondary market to a debt buyer who focuses on the post-auction stages.

Our partner servicing company works through the legal process required to recover the debts, with the aim of discharging it as quickly as possible, at the highest possible returns. They decided that selling the debt to another buyer was the optimal choice, and thus achieved a fastest exit, and return for investors above the threshold of 15.1% p.a.


A closer look at the return levels for A26, show that investments made earlier in the flow stage when the risk is higher, provided higher returns. Investments made at later stages in the flow, were lower risk, and therefore produced lower returns.

Investors in multiple notes in the same debt may notice that the returns on one are higher than the other. This is usually down to one investment being made earlier in the flow than the other. 

As a general rule, it’s a good habit for investors to pay close attention to the dates the Discounted Debt Investment was released on the platform, along with the stage in the flow it is at.

Looking forward

As we continue our Indemo Investor Festival celebrations to mark our first anniversary, news like this is always great to hear. This, and subsequent future repayments help us build a track record of returns for our investors - something that’s very important to us.

Indemo CEO and Co-Founder Sergejs Viskovskis says “The Indemo Investor Festival is an opportunity to have some fun, whilst giving back to the community that supports us. The repayments of debts are always a positive step in the investment journey, and the news arrived at the perfect time. 

Whilst past performance is of course not a guarantee of future results, the fact that our investors are getting returns on such an innovative product offering is a fantastic sign. We’ll continue to provide unique investment opportunities to everyday people, and we’re so excited to share more news and updates throughout the rest of the Investor Festival!”

Next steps

Investors who’ve received returns on the A26 mortgage debt can track their returns in the newly revamped Portfolio section of the platform, as well as the new Analytics area.

And of course to reinvest in other notes available on the platform. The notes currently available provide a good variety of risk, from lower investment prices for early stages in the debt recovery process, to higher prices for later stages.

It’s also worth noting that the recent ECB decision to lower interest rates, along with banks lowering deposit rates by 1-1.15%, makes the investment products that Indemo offers even more attractive when it comes to risk and return.

If you’re new to Indemo, Click here to sign up and make your first deposit and investment. If you already have an account, head to your home area and check out the other Discount Debt Investments we have available!

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